Course Curriculum

Our five-week online course is led by well-rounded peers and experts. It gives you the information, mentorship and resources you need to turn your business idea into reality. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to learn each week.

  • 1

    1. Developing Your Life Plan

    • Introduction Survey

    • Developing Your Life Plan

    • The Life Plan Presentation

    • Week 1: Workbook

    • Week 1: Quiz

  • 2

    2. Labeling and Nutritional Panels

    • Labeling and Nutritional Panels

    • Labeling and Nutritional Panels Presentation

    • Week 2: Workbook

    • Week 2: Quiz

    • Forum Post

  • 3

    3. How to Market Your Product

    • How to Brand Your Product

    • Brand & Marketing Presentation

    • Week 3: Workbook

    • Week 3: Quiz

    • Forum Post

  • 4

    4. Pricing Your Product

    • How to Price Your Product

    • How to Price Your Product Presentation

    • Week 4: Workbook

    • Week 4: Quiz

    • Forum Post

  • 5

    5. Distributing Your Product

    • Distribution 101

    • Distribution 101 Presentation

    • Week 5: Workbook

    • Week 5: Quiz

    • Forum Post

  • 6

    6. Certification

    • Feedback Survey

Your Instructors

Meet the craft food experts who will teach you their secret ingredients for success.

Director of Development and Education, Central Kitchen

David Miller

David is an inspirational speaker at his core. He leads hundreds of entrepreneurs to believe in their dreams and gives them the tools to achieve their idea of success.

Founder & CEO, Central Kitchen

Eric Diamond

Eric has 20+ years of banking & business experience. His gift to simplify complex financial decisions down to basic math has helped scale hundreds of successful craft food brands.

Operations Manager, Central Kitchen

Zac Rheinberger

Zac is the go-to guide when it comes to craft foods and commercial kitchens after 15+ years of experience. He offers hands-on lessons in food safety, processing and distribution.

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